Are education programs free?

  • All programs are free including open lectures, seminars, and AI School programs.
  • AI School participants will be selected under evaluation. (documents and interview)

Is there any qualifications to use each floor?

  • 1F is open to anyone visiting Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub.
  • 5F Open office area is for resident companies in Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub. (AI-related pre-entrepreneurs or startups with under 6 people)
  • 5F Premium lounge, Meeting rooms, Conference call system, GPU desk tops are for Membership-only (resident companies, students from MODU Labs and AI School, etc.)
  • 6, 8F is for Private office space users (AI-related startups and venture capitals).

When is the application period for Open office / Private office?

  • Application period will be announced through our website when there’s vacancy.

Can I rent 1st floor / 5th floor area?

  • You can ask for venue rental if you’re planning to do non-profit activity and if it corresponds to establishment purpose of Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub.

Can you introduce facilities of each floor?

  • 1F is ‘Open Lounge’ that anyone visiting Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub can use. There are tables & chairs, beam projector, sound systems including microphone, console, speaker, amplifier, etc.
  • 5F is ‘Premium Lounge’, which is for Membership-only. There are tables & chairs, sofa, beam projector, sound system

How many people can be accommodated for each floor?

  • 1F Open lounge: up to 100-150 people
  • 5F Premium lounge: up to 30-50 people / 5F Meeting room: up to 8-15 people

(*Numbers can be changed on the situation)

Is there parking area in the building?

  • There’s parking area in our building. It is open to public 24 hours on weekdays, but can be restricted according to situations of the center.

Are there any requirements to attend education programs of Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub?

  • No requirements needed except for AI School programs. (AI School participants are selected under evaluation(documents and interview))
  • Since all programs in Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub is for free and open to public, anyone who has interest in artificial intelligence field can attend all the lectures and events in Yangjae R&CD Innovation Hub.

What’s the price for each office spaces?

  • 5F Open office space: 60,000KRW / month per seat
  • 6, 8F Private office space: 5,000KRW / month per

(Residence fee should be paid twice a year (Jan & Jul) / 6 months fee in advance)